lunedì 28 gennaio 2008

Bad Habit

I’m having one of those Sundays in which I can’t really help it.

My mind just keeps going there and there and there.

Like a bad habit.

I guess I need someone to figure out all of this.

Some people need a reason to feel bad.

More likely people call for something to dream about , to strive for.

Just a bad habit.

Distant memories get so close , I can’t even tell when it was … as inside me is still the day after…

During days like this, I can only write down my thoughts, trying to freeze them.

I would just observe them falling down smashing into one thousand pieces.

As an insignificant glass that falls from my hands.

Then I ‘m afraid that I would not be able to fill in such empty space.

I can’t get over this bad habit.


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